Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Resolutions

To  me, New Year's is a time to reflect back on the past year & determine what changes need to be made in the future.  My first project for 2014 is to set some realistic & achievable goals for myself & my home.  You can find my personal goals here.
My goal for the home is to get the house organized!  This sounds like a really huge goal, but it will be made easier by using the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge.  Dividing up the big goal into smaller, more manageable tasks makes it much less daunting.  Each week tackles a different area of the house, broken down into 15 minute daily tasks.  Plus you get an email reminder & task list each week.  I prefer to have things on paper so that I can make notes, highlight, etc, so I am printing each week & putting it all together in a binder.  By the end of the year, I will have collected all of my organizing tips into one place!

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